Professional Development for Teachers

Teaching with Emotional Intelligence: Professional Development for the People Who Work in Education

Primary school teach and students in classTeaching is not what it used to be. Life has become too complicated, too stressful and too quick to change. Traditional ways of teaching have given way to lots of technology, high rate of depression and anxiety among teachers and students, miscommunication, relationship breakdowns, information overload and feelings of being trapped. Teaching is highly effected by this stressful life style and the results are reflected by students’ academic and emotional state.

Most of the focus seems to be on supporting students. Governments invest in them without supporting the most important agents of education and identity – parents and teachers.

I believe that teachers are important in the life of their students and that investing in their emotional intelligence will increase their happiness and therefore their ability to teach and to be role models.

In an interactive full day workshop, teachers are given the keys to leading a happy life and the importance of emotional intelligence in their classrooms and their students’ success in life. Relaxed, confident, happy teachers educate and nurture relaxed, confident, happy students that succeed academically with ease.

This is the most important professional development for teachers. More than Math. More than English.

What’s in the presentation?

Number of participants in this presentation: 25.

Presentation running time: 8 hours, with two 15-minute breaks and a 1-hour break for lunch.

Presentation Contents:

  • Happy relationships
  • Beliefs and positive focus
  • Responsibility (part 1 & 2)
  • Letting go – the art of NEXTing
  • Communication styles
  • Love languages
  • Values
  • Needs
  • Rules

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Benefits to the teachers

  • Using positive language – Teachers learn how the words they use affect their students and how to inject positivity into their classes, their relationships and everyday life by using the right language.
  • How to be happy in life – Teachers learn how to make themselves happier whenever they want and how to help their students, their family members and friends be happy too.
  • Communicating in style – Teachers learn to recognise, accept, interpret and communicate in the styles of their students and other people in their life. They also learn to accept themselves and feel good about being different.
  • Filling the “love tank” – Teachers learn what makes them feel loved and how to express positive feelings towards their students and others in the best possible way.
  • Having powerful beliefs – Teachers learn to eliminate limiting beliefs about teaching, students and life and create empowering beliefs that help them grow, prosper with ease and help their students do the same.
  • Aligning values – Teachers identify their highest needs and values in life and examine their behaviour and their use of time and energy against their personal priorities.
  • Adopting positive rules of living – Teachers learn to handle and prevent stressful situations by understanding their subconscious rules.

Benefits to the school/community

  • Happy, responsible, focused teachers
  • Teachers who support one another, having shared an experience and developed a common “happiness language”
  • Improved communication and better relationships with their families, colleagues, their students and parents
  • A new trend in the school towards successful, fulfilling and happy lifestyle (it is contagious)
  • Reduced stress and improved stress management skills, leading to higher productivity and better health (fewer sick days)
  • Better understanding and cooperation within the school through the use of communication styles
  • Better classroom atmosphere, teaching techniques and learning outcomes through the use of communication styles
  • A higher sense of belonging and appreciation through the use of love languages
  • Positive outlook on goals, relationships, teamwork, responsibility and success
  • Positive, balanced and well-supported teachers

Who is this presentation suitable for?

  • Primary schools / elementary schools
  • Secondary schools / high schools
  • Childcare centres
  • Education conferences
  • Teachers’ associations
  • Education departments
  • Education departments of universities

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Professional Development for Teachers Feedback

Here is some feedback from teachers and principals who have done this professional development for teachers:

Learning new or revising life skills/emotional well-being skills needs attention and focus regularly because in the day in/day out way that life can roll along for most folk, we forget how to gain the best of ourselves and others

Sue Forster Crilly, Teacher

The course is an enjoyable program, an opportunity to learn about how we can continue to feed ourselves with thoughts and beliefs and we have the power to choose whether these are positive or negative. It’s also an opportunity to realise the power we have as a teacher to positively influence the emotional development and intelligence of our students

T. Dillon, Teachers

I found the course amazingly valuable and useful. Ronit’s stories and anecdotes were very interesting. Her skill level, creativity and flexibility were fantastic. She was personal and interesting. I want all my teachers to do this course

Derek Brady, Principal

I loved every bit of the day, it was very uplifting. I loved Ronit – keep up the good work. She was very relaxed. This course is fantastic, great for the mind and soul. You feel fresh and positive all day. Thanks again Ronit. I would love to do it more often, it feels good

Christine Browning, Teacher Aid

It was interesting. The examples were great. Ronit was very engaging, particularly when she related information to personal experiences. Ronit was easy to follow – a very engaging presenter. Ronit reminds us how to use an understanding of ourselves to build a positive self-concept. The strategies she provides to help us achieve a sense of happiness are an important guide for our ongoing success in life

Phillip Guy, Deputy Principle

The course content gave me reassurance about my parenting/teaching decisions. It showed me new ways of communicating. I wouldn’t change anything about it. It was great. The examples Ronit gave were excellent. The course was fun because there was a very open discussion with real life proof that what Ronit is teaching works. The handouts were great – more than I expected and very useful, especially the book marks and ‘hug cards’.

Ronit knew what she was talking about and she was just great.

As a teacher and parent, I believe the advice and information provided in this course is invaluable for all people learning about trying o guide and control children – from babies right through to adulthood. And you might just learn something about yourself as well! By changing ourselves in even the smallest way, we can have a profound effect on those we deal with. Happiness is found in people. This program tells you how to find it, how to cultivate it, how to grow it. Your life will never be the same.

Anchors away!

Bruce McDonald, Teacher

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